Service price list

To get an idea of the price of our services we offer several specific packages with the possibility of an immediate and comfortable contact to our office.

Written opinion

Send us your documents by e-mail

CZK 2,200 VAT incl.

Real estate sale or purchase

Reservation contract, real estate transfer contract, escrow service, proposal for registration in the Land Registry

CZK 10,000 VAT incl.

Marriage divorce

Consultation, agreement on the settlement of the relations to children, petition for marriage divorce, agreement on the settlement of the joint property of spouses

CZK 10,000 VAT incl.

Settlement of the care about and contact with minor children

Consultation, draft agreement

CZK 5,000 VAT incl.

Turnkey foundation of a private limited company

Documentation, arrangement for the notary record and trade licence

CZK 10,000 VAT incl. + cash expenses

Company liquidation

Complete documentation, acting on behalf a client, conduction of the liquidation procedure

CZK 40,000 VAT incl.

Flat rent agreement

CZK 3,000 VAT incl.

Contract for work

Construction works, construction, repair

CZK 5,000 VAT incl.

Easement agreement

CZK 2,500 VAT incl.

Loan agreement

Including security by a bill of exchange or pledge

CZK 6,000 VAT incl.

Declaration from a building owner

Declaration from a building owner on the specification of units in a building

CZK 12,000 VAT incl.

Purchase price escrow

CZK 4,000 VAT incl.

Contract of pledge to real estate

CZK 5,000 VAT incl.