The amount of the fee paid for the services provided by us is based on an agreement with a client and on the type of provided services. We always try to find a method of the billing for our legal services that is suitable for our clients.

Hourly fee

An hourly rate agreed on with a client is the basic type of contractual fee. In such an instance the real time spent on their case is charged to a client according to the agreed rate. In no case each started hour is therefore charged to the client.

Monthly subscription

In the instance of client’s interest in long-term cooperation a fixed monthly rate can be agreed on with the client. This charging method is suitable for municipalities or corporations. Regular visits of a representative of our office at client’s premises can also be agreed on.

Non-contractual fee

The services provided can also be charged according to the Lawyer’s Tariff, which is set by Ministry of Justice Decree No. 177/1996 Col. In such an instance the amount of the fee is based particularly on the dispute value, contract subject etc.

Flat rate fee

The final amount, which will be charged to a client after the completion of the legal service can be agreed on with a client. This charging method is suitable if a client requires preparation of a specific contract or needs to arrange for a matter known in advance.

Debt collection fee

There are also numerous methods of charging, for example the standard hourly charge or as a percentage from the collected amount.