Attorneys fees


Amount of renumeration for our services depends on settlement with clients and speciality of the case, depending on nature of provided legal services.

Extracontractual renumaration

Provided legal services is possible enumerate according advocatory tariff rate (lawyer´s fees), which is determined by two legal act of Ministry of justice. In general, thereaf case renumeration range follows amount in controversersy of particular law-suit, subject of contract atc. Act no. 177/1996 Coll., lawyer´s fees. Act no. 484/2000 Coll. flat rates, renumaration rate regarding , legal procuration (proxy) of party in judicial proceedings.

Hourly rate

Primary type of renumeration is hourly rate renumaration agreed by client. Regarding to this method, client is charged according to real amount of time, which was devoted to his case. It does not mean that each begun hour is rated. This method is optimal when, neither client nor attorney knows probable extent of work ahead.


There is opportunity to negotiate final amount of renumeration charged after termination of providing of legal services. This  method is suitable when client asks for elaboration of certain type of contract or another already familiar affair need to be arranged.

Fixed recompensation tariff

When situation arises, that client need our legal service on regular base (e.g. within several months or years), it is possible to establish certain fixed amount of renumeration, which will be charged. In situation when engaged amount of hours within fixed monthly renumeration tariff will be spent, we further offer same favourable hourly rate according which was client charged within fixed tariff. Specific amounts of course depend upon agreement with client. This method of payment is ideal for companies. Under condition of this method we are prepared to be available to client´s needs anytime. In the case larger companies, there is also possibility to arrange regular visits of one of our attorneys in location of your official registered office (e.g. during general meetings, conferences).

Renumeration regarding to requisition, claims reforcement and debt collection

Our law office manages and administrates claims and requisition for many clients. In this case, there is several methods how renumeration is charged: primary hourly rate or decreased hourly rate under condition that the reimbursement of cost adjudged by court coming from second party appertain to our office.


We always try to find the best solution regarding to the most suitable method of renumeration of our legal service for our clients.